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By: Jems Hug
BPO firms have come across through difficult terrain to survive the economic slowdown. Changes happened on the way. Work at call centers dwindled to a precious few projects. Call center firms dealing with mortgage were the worst hit. There were hardly any clients for the answering service team to work on. The callers were few and far between.

That is when the phone answering service units decided to diversify. They spread out their range of call center services to include a wider variety of clients. As they started providing telemarketing support to the different industries like insurance and retail, the number of projects started to look up.

Diversification worked for call centers for a number of reasons. First, their clientele expanded. The call center firms could now take up projects that demanded different approaches. The work for the BPO agents and employees became challenging. Many of them knew that they would be laid off if things didnít change soon. This was the change!

Telemarketing agents took up the challenge like a life-line. They were willing to work extra hours and complete projects. The telemarketing services improved as a result of this. Clients and customers were a happy lot. Business firms that tied up with these business outsourcing units decided that it was wise to sign on deals that registered long-term associations.

Diversification improved the scope of call center services. Pushed to respond with desperate measures, the call center units were more than willing to learn the new ropes. The BPO employees did research on areas where they had not ventured earlier. The will to do enough to bag more projects spurred them on to provide better telemarketing services. Agents made better telemarketing calls because the writing was on the wall for them: perform or perish.

The quality improved substantially as survival of the fittest was the unspoken and unwritten law of the land. Business firms looking for telemarketing support could rely on these business process outsourcing companies because they were willing to prove themselves in the unfamiliar territories that they had diversified into.

Another advantage of diversification was that business firms need not head for other call center partners when they expanded their business. Itís often the case that an insurance company diversifies into retail as well. Thatís when they change their telemarketing partners as well. This is mainly so because the BPO unit they had chosen does not provide telemarketing services for retail. With call center services diversifying as well, it comes as no surprise that they can lap up these upcoming projects from their existing business partners.

Diversification in call center services also mean moving on to non-telemarketing services like web marketing services and other help desk services. BPO firms are not just tied to voice calls and answering service anymore. They are moving to provide SEO support and software development as well. ERP software is the most common software back-up that business outsourcing services offer. For many of these telemarketing companies, the diversification into fresh avenues saved the day for them and kept them afloat.
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